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Resources to Protect Democracy



In the frenzy of post-election activity, a bunch of resources were floated around on Facebook and elsewhere. Next steps to take, Weekly Resistance actions, the list of fake news sites, etc. We worried most of these resources would disappear in the weeks or months after the election when those links stop showing up on social media and people stop being able to access them easily.

In an effort to keep these available and accessible, we thought that the NLC Boston blog could serve as a temporary centralizing location for some of those progressive resources, at least until a more appropriate custodian comes along. Below is that list. 


Article with a lot of really good suggestions about how normal people should start to think about their political actions when in an autocratic state. It has rules for engaging effectively with media, justice systems, and leaders.

Although the list of fake news sources itself was taken down after the original author was doxxed and had her privacy violated, she has provided some tips and assistance for readers who are trying to determine if they are getting their news from a reliable, real journalistic outlet.
This Google Drive and Call List are a resource created by activists who decided that now that Trump is the president-elect, it is activists' jobs to be a thorn in his side. They pull together lists of primarily elected officials and federal government agencies for voters to contact to demand various actions. This list seems to be focused on calling Congress, primarily.
There are a couple of different resources here, but the campaign is mostly being guided by two electors (one from Colorado and one from Washington state) who are hoping to convince their colleagues to switch their vote from Trump to another candidate. Not necessarily Hilary, but to someone more suitable in temperament and experience than Trump. The first resource is an article that lists all 538 electors by state. The second is a place where individual voters can express their opinions about what the electors should do.
This is a broader list of actions that people can take in the wake of the election results. Although there are some recommendations for calling senators and congressmen (like the "Who do I call?") resource above, this one also has more options for engaging with media, personal safety, and community and local actions.
A newsletter and regular updated collection of calls to action on high-stakes issues like civil rights, reproductive rights, government transparency, climate change, criminal justice reform, and immigration policy. Their goal is to make it simple for those who oppose Trump’s harmful policies to learn and take action.

Another secret Facebook group, this one is dedicated to rebuilding a progressive voting majority. Members share daily actions and strategies.
A project to send encouragement to mosques and Islamic centers that have received threatening messages or been otherwise targeted by hate speech. 
a monthly subscription box for white people striving to be allies in the fight for Black Liberation. Box memberships are a way to not only financially support Black femme freedom fighters, but also complete measurable tasks in the fight against white supremacy.

Actions for Lawyers
There are a couple of different resources that have popped up for attorneys. First is the "Letter from attorneys opposing Steve Bannon's appointment." It appears it was created by Professor Nancy Leong at the University of Denver Sturm College of Law. This letter will likely be sent soon!
The Lawyers of the Left facebook group is a secret group, so only people who have been invited or added by other members can join it. Currently it is in its infancy stage, getting organized and pulling together legal practitioners from around the country and splitting into state sub-divisions. Folks who are interested in joining the group should contact attorney friends they know or contact Dave.


Finally, for folks who want to take some action, but also need a moment of levity, here's another resource:

Those were the resources we've found so far. Let us know if you come across any other resources by emailing
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